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Do you want to make sure that you get the absolute best baby monitor for your little bundle of joy? We’re here to help as we’re listing the best of the best. So worry not about signal strength, poor audio/video quality or products that are not reliable. We’ve done the testing, and we have the best baby monitors to share with you!

Now that you’ve decided that you indeed need a baby monitor to keep your little bundle of joy as safe as possible – and yourself completely sane during the first few years of their life – it’s time to make the biggest decision and answer the important question: what baby monitor to buy?

While for most cases I would recommend a simple audio only baby monitor, more advanced ones are available, including video baby monitors, wireless ones and those with night vision. It’s up for you to decide what the best choice is and for each of these categories we have some options to share below in our article featuring the best baby monitors in 2018.

The list is not subject to change throughout the year and the monitors listed here will surely be great choices for the years to come. We did the research, we checked out tens of baby monitors from well known brands and no-name brands and we came up with this list that helps you make an educated choice – the best possible choice – when it comes to choosing the best baby monitor for your house and family: a product that is not only durable, but also of high quality, offering strong signal and good quality audio and/or video.

So search no more and make your pick from our list of the best baby monitors for 2018 (you can find the Amazon store links for each of these products under each review, so keep on scrolling!)

VTech DM221 (audio only)

best baby monitors 2016 - 01

We are starting our recommendations with a budget entry that still manages to deliver high quality sound and offer great value for its incredibly affordable price.

We chose the VTech DM221 model especially because of the DECT 6.0 technology that it uses to remove the white noise coming from it. The sound is crystal clear and you can hear even the lowest noises in your baby’s room.

There’s even the option to completely turn off the sound if you want to and you’ll still have visual indicators showing you the level of noise. This is extremely useful if you have something like soothing music turned on in the baby’s room and you’re trying to do some work: just turn off the sound, place the unit in front of you so you can see the graphic bars and enjoy your silent time, while still being able to monitor your baby safely!

The range of the monitor is not huge – they advertise 150 feet coverage inside, but if there are many sets of walls between rooms, the signal might drop off. However, we rarely had any problems with this monitor not getting signal in an apartment, so for a regular-sized home – or even for those moments when you are outside in your yard, the signal is still good. If you live in a huge mansion, though, it might be a problem and you will need a better model with stronger signal.

Other features that I loved about the VTech DM221 baby monitor are the clip on belt for the parent unit, in case you need to wear it around and the extra option to have the monitor vibrate when there’s sound in the nursery.

You can either use the rechargeable batteries or removable ones and the monitor has no problem running for one or even two nights without the need of a recharge.

It also has the “talk back” feature, but in my case it wasn’t a hit for my son, because he had no idea where the sound was coming from since he saw no real people doing the talking – but other babies might actually love it, so it’s worth knowing that this model offers this option.

All in all, this is a solid entry in the budget range, offering good quality audio and solid coverage for an affordable price. It’s also pretty durable, even though a few people complained about it not lasting more than one year. Even so, I’d still consider it a good value for the money and a product worth checking out, especially if you don’t have a large budget on hand right now.

And remember, if you read some of the negative reviews on Amazon, they are dated 2012 and the model has seen improvements since.

US/World: Click here to buy & find out more about the VTech DM221.
UK/Europe: We have a very similar model here.

Infant Optics DXR-8 (video monitor)

best baby monitors 2016 - 02

I will start by sharing some numbers about this video baby monitor: with over 3,100 reviews on at the moment of writing this article, this model is the #1 best selling item in the Security Monitors & Displays category, with an impressive 4.3 rating out of 5. In other words, thousands – if not tens of thousands of people have purchased this video baby monitor from Infant Optics and were extremely pleased!

And they have all the reasons to feel like that because it is a great product that has seen numerous improvements over the years too. So you can rest assured that the monitor you buy today is the latest model with the best features.

Although the design looks a bit outdated and both the parent unit and the monitor are a bit bulky, it does a great job and offers a ton of features. Except for the crystal clear image on its 3.5 inch display, it has IR night vision, so you can still see your baby flawlessly even if it is pitch black in the room.

Really, this product offers one of the best video quality I’ve seen in many baby monitors, some of them even more expensive than this one.

Part of the fact that makes it so good at showing your crystal clear video is the option to change the lenses: it has a lens specifically designed for zooming in, and one for wider angles, meaning that you can easily extend its life by changing the lenses as the baby grows (as you will use the zoomed in version when he sleeps/spends most of the time in the crib and then switch to the wide lens when they become more active). And, of course, you can tilt the camera and control its direction remotely.

With good coverage and very strong signal strength, this video baby monitor has all the features you might want: it can switch into audio only (to save battery, for example) and has graphic bars to show you noise volume when the sound is turned off, it allows you to talk back to your baby and also monitor the temperature in the room.

It is very easy to set up and doesn’t require an internet connection to function, which makes it a great option for travel as well. Just make sure that you don’t have any smartphones or other electronic devices nearby as they might interfere with the signal.

All in all, if you have a bit more money to spend on a high quality baby monitor – and you want video as well – then this one is a great choice – so many satisfied customers can’t be wrong! So follow the links below to find out more and purchase the Infant Optics DXR-8 on trusted website Amazon, based on your country:

US/World: Click here to buy or find out more on Amazon.
UK/Europe: Click here to buy or find out more.

Graco Secure Coverage (audio only)

graco secure coverage baby monitor

Although we’re not talking about one of the cheapest baby monitors available on market right now, we’re talking about a great product. Graco is a well known brand for baby related items and this monitor whose name says it all about its features, is just as good.

This product has two parent units, meaning that either both parents can have one unit just in case or you can leave them in two different rooms of your house and not have to carry them around anymore (although you can easily carry them around since each parent unit features a convenient belt clip).

But it’s not in the number of units that all the greatness of this baby monitor stands, but in the crystal clear clarity of the sound, as well as the impressive coverage it offers: up to 2,000 feet. The radio waves also run on 900 MHz frequency, meaning that there is little if any interference from other devices, especially mobile phones and microwaves.

These baby monitors also have great durability and work for a long while – even though you might have to reset them after a while when they seem to stop working. All in all, on the US Amazon website, we have over 800 reviews for this product and almost everybody was extremely pleased with it, hence its amazing 4.3 stars average out of five.

So if you want a baby monitor that covers the distance and offers you two parent (portable) units instead of the regular one, the Graco Secure Coverage is the one you need!

US/World: Click here to buy or find out more on Amazon.
UK/Europe: Click here to buy or find out more

Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW (video monitor)

samsung video baby monitor

It seems that Samsung is not busy focusing on building smartphones only, they have a good range of baby monitors, with the recently launched SEW-3403W BrightView being a top performer and an overall amazing product. We’re talking about a video baby monitor that streams HD images and offers high clarity night vision video for up to 16 feet.

It is really a gadget that proves to be extremely useful thanks to its other features as well: apart from the great video stream, it has a very solid and clear audio feed, voice activated mode (therefore saving you battery since it only activates where there’s noise in your baby’s room), four preset lullabies, two-way talk and a decent range of up to 900 feet. It also comes with a 5-inch monitor that allows you to control the camera in the baby’s room. The camera can pan, tilt or zoom so your little bundle of joy will never get out of sight.

It can support up to four cameras (but have in mind that it doesn’t support older Samsung camera models) and if you’re running it on multiple camera mode, you can only hear audio from one. In other words, you can’t have a camera in different rooms and hear all sounds from them.

But it still offers a lot more than many other baby monitors who still don’t give you the option to hear sound from multiple rooms, so I say that shouldn’t be considered a problem, especially since the price is, in my opinion, decent!

US/World: Click here to buy & find out more about this baby monitor.
UK/Europe: Click here to buy & find out more.

Infant Optics DXR-5 (video monitor)

infant optics baby monitor

This is the baby monitor that many people consider to be the best ever and at the moment of writing this article, it is considered the #1 best release in the baby monitors category on This says a lot about its high quality, but we will go more in depth and find out why this is one of the best – if not the best – camera baby monitor that you can buy this year.

Even though the quality of the video feed is not as good as that of the model recommended above, everything else is absolutely amazing and the overall value it delivers is really high.

It can transmit two video feeds at once (but sound from one source only) and has a ton of nice features: voice activation and auto-sleep in order to save power, auto-mute mode that eliminates white noise, static and residual sounds to help you sleep better over the night, two-way talk (for the plus model), LED indicators in case you don’t want to hear the sounds… it has everything!

The video streams at a decent 30 frames per second, it has night vision and a silicone protector to prevent it from taking accidental damage.

The features sound good – they always do when it comes to seeing them listed – but in the case of the DXR-5 and 5+, they’re also for real. You will love it for sure!

US/World: Click here to buy or find out more on Amazon.
UK/Europe: Click here to buy or find out more

Philips AVENT DECT Baby Monitor (audio only)

avent dect baby monitor

This product has been out for a while now, but you can’t say about it that it’s outdated, on the contrary! Avent is a great brand in the end, a high end and pretty expensive one, but the fact that this monitor has been initially launched a few years ago makes it pretty cheap compared to other models. And, as I said – and as everybody who tested it will say – it’s still a great choice today.

Even though it is an audio-only baby monitor, in most cases you won’t need much else than hearing your little baby and on this matter, it does a great job. It has a range of about 900 feet, so you don’t really have to worry about it losing signal and the sound itself is crystal clear and without any interference, so you never have to worry about it.

It has a range of other useful features, like talk-back, pre-set lullabies, remote-activated night light and also a thermometer to monitor the temperature in the room. There’s really not much else that you can wish for from a baby monitor and you probably know by now that Avent is a brand you can trust.

They didn’t do anything wrong with the Avent Dect monitor and I haven’t met a single person who used it that had any reasons to complain. The same goes with Amazon reviews: it has an average of 4.5 out 5 stars on (and 4.6 on

If, for some reason, you don’t want to get this older model, there are more recent ones with slightly different features as well, but personally I would go for this one. However, it’s up for you to choose and you should know that the entire DECT range from Avent is worth investing in!

US/World: Click here to buy & find out more about this baby monitor.
UK/Europe: Click here to buy & find out more.

There you have them! These are our top picks for 2018 and, in the end, it’s up for you to decide what you want: an audio-only or video baby monitor. A cheaper one or a more expensive one. Whatever you pick, though, if it’s a product that we have featured on this list, you can expect a top notch product and a baby monitor you will be extremely satisfied with.

Update notice: This article was originally published in August 2016, but was updated in January 2018 to offer an updated list.


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