Best Video Baby Monitors to Buy in 2017


Video baby monitors are becoming more and more popular nowadays (vs. traditional audio-only ones) as parents prefer to also keep an eye on their little bundles of joy whenever possible instead of just listening to them. We have already taken you through the process of how to choose a baby monitor, but in case you still find the options available on market overwhelming or you’d rather go with products that have been tested and appreciated, we’re here to help even more and share with you our article with the best video baby monitors for 2017.

Before we get to the actual listing of products, let’s find out the key things you should always look out for in a video baby monitor!

First and most important thing about it is the image quality during the night. Night vision is extremely important because you will mostly use it during the night or when the room is very dark, so always go with video baby monitors that have great night vision. Usually, this comes together with a larger display and better resolution which also give you a better overall view of the room and your baby and especially of their eyes: if the image quality is too low, you can’t tell if their eyes are open or not (and many babies can stay awake without crying).

Second, look at the range of the monitor and know the fact that usually, video monitors have a lower range than audio only ones. Finally, you might want your monitor to have options like pan, tilt and zoom: even though these are pretty much useless early on, when the baby grows older and becomes more active, it doesn’t hurt to be able to move the camera if needed to keep supervising them.

Having these in mind – as well as other factors like overall quality, reception, features and performance – we have selected for you the best baby video monitors on the market right now. These are products that we’re sure you’ll love and, no matter which one you will pick, you will be extremely satisfied with the choice you’ll make. The monitors below are not listed in a particular order, as it’s difficult to rank them from “worst” to “best” since they’re all very good!

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor

best-video-baby-monitors-01A soon as you install this baby video monitor, you will be very satisfied with its quality, especially the great image it can produce during night time, mostly thanks to its infrared capabilities. This model is also an improved version of the previous MBP36, that managed to score quite a few complaints regarding its battery life. We are not sure if the battery charging problems have been indeed fixed, but we tend to believe they were since we had no problems during our tests.

The wireless connection offered by this monitor is secure and we had no problems with it dropping, while the range covered was fair. We tested the unit in multiple rooms and even outside and still had no problems with the signal, which is a big bonus. The sound quality, as well as the video feed quality were great, with a big thumbs up to the crystal clear sound with no delay.


In terms of functionality, Motorola’s monitor does really well: it offers the much needed remote pan, tilt, and zoom (some reviews on Amazon claim it’s manual only, but this was probably the case of older models). It also has LED indications for sound, as well as the option to set the volume of the audio feed. The talk-back feature is present – even though I was never able to fully utilize it as my baby gets extremely scared when he hears my voice, but doesn’t see me in the room. However, many other parents will probably be able to use it with better results and actually calm down their babies by singing or talking to them using this feature. And if your voice is not that great, the monitor also has 5 lullabies to calm the baby down or help them sleep on their own.

Although we did not try this feature, the Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor also offers the possibility to add additional cameras in order to keep an eye on up to four rooms, which is great if you have an active toddler or more babies to keep an eye on. All in all, a really good product with great signal, with the only potential problem being related to its battery charging issues reported by so many people who have used it. I repeat – we didn’t have such problems, but we also didn’t test it as extensively as others did so consider that there’s always a small risk for it to have charger-related problems.

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Infant Optics DXR-8


We’ve already recommended this baby monitor with video feed in our list of best monitors that I’ve shared with you in the intro of this article, and we have to share it again because it is indeed one of the best baby monitors out there! Even though its design is a bit outdated and it looks bulkier and not as nice as most of the others on this list, Infant Optics’ ugly duckling has enough pros to have us fall in love with it.

At the moment of writing this article, it is the #1 best selling baby monitor on and has an impressive overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 based on over 5,700 reviews. This is truly impressive and proves that indeed the vast majority of people who have tried it were extremely satisfied with it. And they had all the reasons to, since it does have a ton of great features: invisible IR night vision; remote pan, tilt & zoom capabilities, Two-way talk, thermometer and more.

Among the things that we have appreciated the most about this baby monitor, I would note the fact that you can turn off, if you want to, the loud beeping warnings the unit can make (when battery low, for example) and the fact that it has LEDs to warn you if there’s noise in the room, even if you have the sound turned off. This is extremely useful when you do some work at the computer for example and you need silence to focus: just place the monitor in front of you and be alerted immediately by the lights, without having to constantly hear other noises in the room. Highly appreciated!

Its interchangeable lenses are a great idea and very useful!
Its interchangeable lenses are a great idea and very useful!

The image reproduced by the Infant Optics DXR-8 is very clear and nice, even during the night. And even though the screen is relatively small at just 3.5-inch, it is large enough to see your baby well. Its size also makes it easy to carry around. The battery life is good as well, lasting for up to ten hours (or over the night) – but not in video mode. With constant video feeds, the battery won’t last more than six hours. However, you don’t need the video turned on over the night when you sleep and you can sleep without worrying that the battery will drain over the night in sound-only mode. Also, you can keep it plugged in just to make sure that the battery lasts.

In terms of range and signal strength, there are no real reasons to complain or worry: the signal quality is very strong and we didn’t see it interfere with other wireless devices, even when we had our smartphones right next to the unit. However, it’s safer to try not to have them so close. Another nice thing is the fact that the Infant Optics DXR-8 allows you to change the lenses of the monitor, also offering a wide angle lens that is extremely good and indeed managed to capture more of the room: position the monitor smartly in an elevated position and you can easily monitor the entire room! Really great idea to offer different lenses for different purposes, all included in the package and easy to change.

All in all, there is a reason why this baby monitor is so popular and appreciated by parents worldwide: it’s really good! As parents, we always want to get what’s best for our kids, especially when their safety is involved, and you can’t go wrong with the DXR-8!

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Samsung SEW-3043W BrightVIEW


When they’re not out there manufacturing extremely popular smartphones and other gadgets, Samsung are also building very high quality video baby monitors. The SEW-3043W is one of them and it’s probably the one with the best design on our list. It also has a really large display – 5-inch – which are great for watching the live video feed and even better if you add more than one camera, when smaller screen sizes make things more difficult to see. The display itself is a touchscreen, which is a good addition, but unfortunately the touchscreen itself is not very sensitive and far from smartphone quality. However, even though you seem to have to press the screen longer, it still works without a problem!

In terms of features, this baby monitor with video has a lot to offer: night vision mode, a small light you can turn on and off in the baby’s room, four lullabies, VOX activated mode (the monitor activates based on the level of sound in the room – also adjustable), two-way talk capabilities as well as pan/tilt and zoom options.


Unfortunately, it is also missing on some features that some of you might consider important, like the lack of a thermometer. Its range also seems to be problematic in many cases, with people complaining that they lose signal even in smaller places. While it definitely doesn’t have a signal that’s as strong as some of the other products on our list, we didn’t have problems with it losing signal even when we went outside and remained close to the room. However, many people reported problems with the signal strength, so have this in mind especially if you live in a larger place. There’s also a small delay with the sound – again, not something that completely turns this one into a deal breaker, but something that makes it not-perfect.

One of the biggest selling points for the Samsung SEW-3043W is its image quality. You will absolutely love the crystal clear images and that is one of the reasons why you choose a video baby monitor in the first place – to see a good, clear image on a large screen. And on this matter, Samsung’s product excels!

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Infant Optics DXR-5+


Infant Optics is back on our list with another monitor, this time the smaller DXR-5+. And it’s very difficult to pick between the two models from Infant Optics, as they are both really good and offer the same overall high quality, with just a few differences that we’re going to highlight in our overview here.

The first thing that strikes you when it comes to the DXR-5+ model is the design: compared to the DXR-8, it is smaller, lighter and looks better, at least in my opinion. The fact that it is smaller also means that it comes with a smaller display at just 2.4 inches. That’s tiny compared to the Samsung SEW-3043W, but it still does the job and delivers crystal clear images at 30 frames per second. The night vision is also there and delivering great quality images, so you don’t have to worry about that!


Even though, if you read reviews on Amazon, for example, you will see people complaining about signal interference and annoying beeping when the unit goes into sleeping mode, but ignore them: these are reviews published a few years ago, based on an obsolete model, the Infant Optics DXR-5! The 5+ is a 2016 model and doesn’t have those problems.

In terms of features and things it offers, you will be satisfied with this video baby monitor. It has a VOX mode – a voice activated mode that saves battery life by sending the unit to sleep automatically when there’s no sound and waking it up as soon as there is sound in the room. If you don’t want this feature, you can turn it off and always have the monitor on. Either way, the battery life is really good, probably because the smaller screen requires less battery juice and therefore can run for longer on a single charge. The signal is also very strong, both indoors and outdoors and other features include two way talk, audio only mode and sound activated LEDs. Overall, a product that has been recently launched and improves upon the old model a lot, making it a good and very cheap choice for a baby monitor with video.

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Watching your baby on video monitors can become extremely addictive, especially early on in their lives, but that’s why we had a baby in the first place: to look at them and care for them and make sure everything’s OK. The monitors recommended above all do a great job at keeping us informed at all times about what’s happening in the baby’s room and we can easily say that these are the best baby monitors with video!


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