Do You Really Need a Baby Monitor?


As a new parent, you are always ready to go the extra mile for the safety and well being of your baby and that is totally understandable. But wasting money, resources, time or doing things that end up being completely useless is not something and decent human being should wish to do – babies involved or not – and lately many people have started to question the baby monitor.

Do you really need a baby monitor?

This question often arises before and after you give birth and during the first few years after the new member joins the family. The truth is that there are a ton of people out there who manage to do a perfect job – or at least so they claim – without ever using a baby monitor. Since they’re basically a new invention, they also have history on their side: we all grew up without our parents ever using a baby monitor and we turned out fine (well, at least mostly…)

In the end, many people don’t want to use a baby monitor for various reasons, from the unfounded fear that this type of technology will actually harm the baby, to more practical stuff like:

– baby’s sleeping in our room anyway
– we live in a small house and it’s impossible not to hear the baby crying
– I am a deep/light sleeper so it doesn’t matter
– my parents never used one and I turned out fine

There might be other reasons people use as an excuse to never get a baby monitor and I am sure that in many cases, such a gadget is indeed not necessary and with a bit of extra care and common sense most of us – as well as our children – would be perfectly safe without one.


I have a beautiful baby boy who’s 2.5 years old at the moment of writing this article. We decided to get a baby monitor since day one and I never regret it. Actually, it was the baby monitor that we got that proved to be extremely useful and I would never have a second thought regarding my answer to the question “Should I buy a baby monitor?” That’s an obvious YES! coming from my heart.

Why is a baby monitor so good?

Do I really need a baby monitor

Apart from the obvious use – that it allows you to hear your baby at all times and that helps a lot – it does prove to be extremely useful in many other situations. People say that they will keep the doors open and hear the baby cry – in our case, it rarely went as far as the baby actually getting to cry because we always hear him when he wakes up and get to the room before he’s already panicked and crying. This helps a lot with the sleep – they fall back to sleep a lot faster if you don’t allow them to start crying! Also, the “keeping the doors open” doesn’t always work. You might have friends over and things might get a bit noisy. It might be too hot or too cold. You might want some privacy or you will simply close the door out of reflex. With a baby monitor, you don’t have to worry about any of these problems.

Also, if you live in a house and you have nice yard, you might want to spend some time there: just take the monitor with you and there are no worries that the little fella will wake up and cry or start roaming around, risking to get injured (if he or she is old enough to do that – and it gets to that pretty quickly!). It is even more useful when you travel: if you like to travel, then I consider it a must have gadget. Our travels would’ve been completely ruined if we had no monitor: since the baby gets to sleep at 7 PM, we would’ve been trapped inside starting that time. Well… we weren’t, thanks to our baby monitor!

Once they get a bit older, you can easily let them in the living room or even their room to play alone. It’s not the best approach in my opinion, but you’re an adult who has other things to do, so it will happen sooner or later. A baby monitor is a great way to always know what’s happening in the room – and a camera baby monitor would work even better as you will always be able to see what they’re doing too. However, I do believe that a simple audio monitor is just as good if you don’t really want to bee too careful.

Finally, the baby monitor kept us relaxed and it helped us feeling better. We were always hearing the little one breathe and move during his sleep, we always knew that everything was OK and we knew that if he woke up or started crying, we’d hear in an instant and we’d be able to get there just as quickly.

In conclusion, I do believe that one family could easily go without ever using a baby monitor. Even more, I’d say that in most cases a baby monitor is not as useful for the babies as it is for the parents (even though there are movement alarm monitors who let you know if the baby’s been still for too long and they also help a lot to help them sleep as they should). But even if they’re useful just for you, there’s no shame in that: there’s no shame in you wanting a bit of extra comfort, less things to worry about and a gadget that helps you stay sane. That’s exactly what it had done to us and this is the exact reason why I would always recommend one: they are extremely useful and they make your life as a parent a lot easier.


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