Tomy TD300 Digital Baby Monitor Review


The first baby monitor that we have purchased, a few years ago, is this old Tomy TD300 Digital Baby Monitor. We weren’t sure we actually need a baby monitor to start with, it was selling at a huge discount when we looked, so we got it. And today I am here to share with you my review of the Tomy Baby Monitor.

The baby monitor itself is pretty bulky when you get it, but you will soon get used with the size of the parent unit, as well as the baby’s unit. The baby unit itself is very useful as it doubles up as a nightlight which we still use today, more than three years after purchasing the Tomy baby monitor. Now our baby is old enough to turn the lights on and off before going to bet / when he wakes up, so it’s really nice.

The monitor itself is extremely easy to use and install: basically, all that you have to do is to take it out from the box, plug in the baby unit and turn both units on. That’s all! We had absolutely no problems with the signal or any configuration issues since we got it!

The parent unit, very easy to carry around and with all the buttons and info you need!
The parent unit, very easy to carry around and with all the buttons and info you need!

The parent unit is extremely useful as well. It has a talk-back function so that you can speak into the unit and have your baby hear you in their room (but our son always got scared when he heard the voice and couldn’t see the person talking, so we never used this feature). It also has a thermometer that shows the temperature in the room, a button that can turn on and off the night light and a sound off feature that has leds light up when there is noise in the nursery, even if the sound is turned off.

One thing that we didn’t really like – but it’s probably inevitable – was that if we forgot to leave the parent unit in a different room, it interfered with the baby room unit when it was close to it and produced a horrible, usually loud noise. But this is basically the users’ fault since there’s no reason to go with the unit in the room – but you will forget!

The Tomy TD300 Digital Baby Monitor is an audio only monitor, but we didn’t really feel the lack of a video option at any moment in time. The sound quality is decent – not crystal clear and you get a pretty muffled sound if the room unit is not close to your baby, but it does a good job: it’s not there for chatting with the baby, it’s there for letting you know when they start crying and need help. And that, this Tomy baby monitor does without a problem!


The signal is really strong: we lived in an apartment when we got it and obviously had no signal related problems with it, but then moved to a house with thick walls and sometimes, in some areas, the monitor would lose signal. We also took it with us on a holiday and it proved to be extremely useful: while the baby was sleeping in the hotel room, we were outside enjoying the nice weather and having a drink, and there were no problems with the signal!

So overall, we were and are extremely satisfied with this baby monitor and would recommend it as a great audio monitor for babies to anybody.

The parent unit eventually stopped working after 2.5 years, but it wasn’t the unit’s fault: it was dropped by us on multiple occasions and eventually, after a really bad fall, the parent unit decided not to turn on again. It could’ve been just a small electrical cable out of place, but we didn’t look closer into it as we had already a backup received as a gift. However, as I said, the baby unit still works today and we still use it as a night light in the nursery. And if we hadn’t dropped the parent unit do many times, I’m sure we’d still be using this great Tomy baby monitor.

It appears that since we bought it, Tomy no longer produces the TD300 (only a bunch are available at very high prices on Amazon and I don’t think you should get them for such a high price), but the company that produced it came up with better, improved versions. Out of them, the Tomy Y7575UK seems to be the successor of the unit that we had bought a few years ago and it looks even better. So definitely consider it as an option for a solid, durable and trustworthy baby monitor!


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